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Bismaleimide Resin

We are the leading Manufacturers of in India. We offer the excellent quality Bismaleimide monomer & resins at most affordable price. The Bismaleimide monomer (ABRON BMI), manufactured by us, is a fine yellow colored powder that is extensively used as intermediate for manufacturing thermosetting polyimide resins, insulating materials, printed circuit boards, composites, potting compounds, etc. Bismaleimide Resin has high melting point and is soluble in NMP, DMF, DMAC and Acetone. It is 98.5% pure as guaranteed by HPLC.

Physical and chemical properties
  • Appearance and odor : yellow-tan powder
  • Melting point : 156 0c to 158 0c

  • Thermosetting Polyimide Resins
  • For Making Insulating Materials
  • Composites
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Potting Compounds

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