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Specialty Epoxy Resin

Abron PA 936 Specialty Epoxy Resin
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Product Details

Appearance Golden yellow liquid
Solid Content 70 – 75 %
Viscosity in cP 15,000 – 20,000
Bulk Density 0.45 – 0.55 gm/cc
Specific gravity 0.9 – 1.0
Refractive Index 1.4 – 1.5

ABRON PA936 resin system consists of three parts, resin, hardener and solvent. The hardener ( Part B ) is to be dissolved into the solvent ( Part C ) and then the resin ( Part A ) is added to form the resin solution ( specificratios to be taken ). 


The main application of ABRON PA936 system is to manufacture epoxy diamond dotted paper used in the manufacture of electrical transformers. On application to the electrical grade craft paper ( applicator machine ) the resin becomes tack free and remains so for a period of six months in Bstage. 


On heating the paper to 900C, the resin melts and cures completely in 90 minutes. When used in transformer windings the epoxy holds the coils in place thereby increasing the life of the transformer. 

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Abron IR 900 Specialty Epoxy Resin
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ABRON IR 900 is a two component system comprising of special grade of epoxy resin and catalyst. This system cures at room temperatures and provides very good adhesion between surfaces. Excellent castings can also be obtained which are machinable. This compounded resin system has got many industrial applications. The resin system takes 24 hours to cure at 35 - 400C and post curing is done at 80-850C for 4 hrs. This resin system is compatible with many fillers like silica, quartz, graphite, etc. 

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