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Polyimide Resin

ABRON PIR1800 manufactured by us, is a reactive resin, which can be thermally cured to a cross linked polyimide. This resin has been specifically designed for Prepregging applications and vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (lower viscosity) for structural composite applications where extended high temperature exposures are required. This resin presents a balance of excellent process ability and high thermal stability. Excellent strength retention is maintained up to temperatures of ~ 3500 C.

Specialty :

  • High resistance to thermal stress
  • Extremely Tough
  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • High TG & TGA values
  • Low Temperature cure

Applications :

  • Silica, Carbon & Glass composites for Space, Aerospace, Defense & Industrial applications
  • Diamond Abrasives
  • Structural Adhesive

Range :

  • ABRON BR720
  • ABRON PIR1800
  • ABRON DGW720
  • ABRON - R 750
  • Polyimide Films
  • Polyimide Foams

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Polyimide Resin for RTM & Prepreg Applications

Polyimide resin for Diamond Superabrasives

ABRON - R 750

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Appearance Brown viscous liquid
State Liquid
Odor Amine-like
Solubility in water Slight
Specific gravity (H2O = 1) 1.1 - 1.2
Brookfield viscosity 2,000 - 10,000 cP at 25°c
Solid content 70 75 % ( 140c - 15 mts )